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Wanda DeVaughn, LCSW, PC works with adults in individual and  couples therapy. Since 1980 she has been assisting people in recovering from anxiety, depression, abuse issues, addictions, relationship difficulties, and more. Wanda offers Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), a type of energy therapy which utilizes kinesiology and meridian access points to rapidly resolve the pain of traumas, negative thought patterns, and to clear blocks to one’s healing process. She also offers Yoga Therapy Groups for Emotional Well-Being. For more information visit wandadevaughn.com.

Individual Integrative Yoga Therapy

Wanda will customize your individual yoga therapy session to meet your needs. Sessions may include:

  • Chakra focus
    Yoga poses and guided meditations enhance the balancing of your chakra energy.
  • Restorative yoga
    Sometimes you need to deeply relax with long held poses supported with bolsters, blankets and soft music. You may be over-stressed, or sometimes depression and grief can cause exhaustion. Restorative poses can be very healing.
  • Yin yoga
    Long held poses stretch the inner-connective tissues, release tightness in the joints, and help increase the flows of energy throughout your body.
  • Yoga philosophy
    Understanding the philosophy of yoga enhances your well-being on deeper levels. For example, the Yoga Sutras are a wonderful guide to healthy and balanced living.
  • Koshas
    Bring awareness to the 5 levels of your being, and enhance your ability to live in an integrated way throughout your life.
  • Meditation
    Experience guided, mindfulness and mantra meditation.
  • Pranayama
    The breath is a vital key to physical, mental and emotional health.

For more information or to schedule your appointment,
call 770-425-4488 or email Wanda at: yogawan@mindspring.com.





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